11% Off What Cams?

Great question! They are literally the EXACT SAME CAMS as the site that sounds similar to... ahem... jive jazzmen.

So why is there a discount if it's EXACTLY the same?


Because we are paying the difference so you'll watch on our site Cams.Deals. Instead of sending you to the uh... jive jazzmen, we take a reduced commission and you watch with us!


Everyone wins!


If you scrolled this far you probably think there's a catch or we're trying to trick you or maybe we're just flat out lying. It's understandable and really you should be watching out for scams, it's the reasonable thing to do.




This is actually legit. The site is still run by them, they take the payments, they pay the models, etc. All that's going on is we're paying that 11% because we like you and we like cams and then you'll like us and we also like money. So back to the previous point...



We're out of things tell you at this point. Obviously we'd like for you to click and go watch some cams and have a nice time. Spend some, while also saving, of course. But it's up to you. You can always type in Cams.Deals later if you change your mind.


There's a good chance we're going to try one last time with some kind of exit pop or something. We're sorry but they are actually pretty effective. You can just close it and be on your way or you can click it of course. Your call.


And if we don't show you an exit pop it's not because we don't value you. It's probably because it was just not working right or you're on mobile which is harder to gauge exit intent since there is no mouse. Or it's just a browers that hates us.


But it's not you, we like you.

















The End.